Couples Counselling

Are you unhappy in your relationship?  Feeling confused, loss of hope, despairing?  Maybe you are contemplating what it might be like to separate or divorce? But another part of you wants the relationship to survive because you have invested so much of yourself in your life together.

Maybe you are feeling stuck in finding a solution – your communication has reached a level where you are regularly in conflict and arguments are becoming a part of everyday life.

Speaking to a third person who doesn’t know you can give a fresh perspective on how your relationship operates. The dynamic between you can often be far more obvious to others than to yourselves and so it then becomes difficult to know how and where to makes changes.

In my work with couples, I focus on the relationship between you. I may reflect on how I see your relationship from my perspective and how and why your communication gets stuck. I may also notice what stops you being able to see the other’s point of view, or how trust has been eroded and how it has become difficult to be vulnerable or intimate with each other.