What’s Important

It can take courage to speak to someone you don’t know; about your fears, sadness, frustrations or past hurts.

You may have been considering talking to someone for a while, but are hesitant about making the first move. Sharing our deepest concerns can often be frightening or embarrassing. Recognizing that we need help can however be the first step to changing.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and so you may want to meet with a number of therapists before you decide who provides the right fit for you. You are of course under no obligation to continue if you are not sure.

The therapeutic relationship is a collaboration, where you and I work together in a confidential partnership, to help you to grow. Letting me know what you’re thinking and feeling and how you behave will help us to unravel the many layers of experience that make you, you. Expressing your feelings will start to help you connect with something deep inside that is important. Allowing these feelings to come out naturally can then help us to understand them and enable you to develop a better relationship with your emotions and yourself.

What comes up between you and me in the room can also be helpful in learning how you relate to others. Sometimes patterns keep repeating themselves and you may begin to notice triggers that bring familiar but painful outcomes. This provides an opportunity for you to voice and explore what gets triggered when we relate to each other.

We can start to connect your present experience with your past experience helping you to develop your own awareness and understanding of your inner world.